Storytelling that moves

Ever since we sat around campfires gnawing on mastodon femurs, or listened to poets chanting heroic tales, we’ve come together over stories of challenge and triumph. Stories connect us to the past and affirm what we’re collectively striving for—connection, safety and illumination.

Film Scripts
♦ Healthcare
♦ Travel
♦ Credit Union
♦ Wine & Travel
♦ Arts & Letters
♦ Alternative Energy
♦ Recycling
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♦ Urban Culture

Group Health Cooperative

60-second stories

To encourage seniors to adopt Group Health Cooperative’s wellness approach for healthier lives, we created mini- documentaries. My role included concept development, identifying and interviewing the seniors, and crafting a 60-second story from hours of film.

Ruah | 100-year-old driver
Ruah | 100-year-old driver
The Bennetts | All those big fish
The Bennetts | All those big fish

Virginia & Edrie | Oldest friends

Ann | Can’t sit still 

Majestic America Lines

Multimedia Storytelling

This fictional journal of a couple’s anniversary on the Mississippi was part of an overall campaign to deliver the romance of the river cruise. As narrative creator and scriptwriter, I also helped guide the shoot shipboard and at historic riverside destinations.