Branding that earns its keep

In this media-driven global culture, every organization and individual is continuously forging a brand. The name, tag line and well-reasoned positioning must be synergistic and have the ring of authenticity.

♦ Boeing Dreamliner
♦ T-Mobile Wing
♦ Amgen Oncology
♦ Magic Software

Amgen Oncology

Repositioning Campaign

A crash course in biotechnology, lab tours and interviews with research scientists resulted in this successful positioning campaign for Amgen Oncology. Simple, universal iconography and concise copy emphasized their supportive care as well as targeted therapeutics.

Magic Software

Tagline: Outperform the future

As part of the rebranding of the first Israeli company to be listed on NASDAQ, I wrote the tagline that would support the new positioning and visual identity.


Theme Line: Holding the world to a higher standard

This premier certification authority needed a theme line to demonstrate to next-generation engineers that they had a keen sense of social responsibility.