Storytelling that moves

Ever since we sat around campfires gnawing on Mastodon femurs, or listened to poets chanting heroic tales, we’ve come together over stories of challenge and triumph. Stories connect us to the past and affirm what we’re collectively striving for—connection, safety and illumination.


Boeing Employees Credit Union Magazine

Don’t Let Them Become You

In the early days of identity theft awareness, I wrote this article for the Boeing Employees Credit Union magazine. The article became part of the curriculum at a local community college.

Wine & Travel

Freelance article on English wine

Article on English sparkling wine highlighting British boutique vintners who are giving Krug and Moet-Chandon a run for the money.

Raven Chronicles

Poetry as Sleight-of-Hand: Interview with Marjorie Manwaring

As with editing, I enjoy interviewing to ferret out the important themes, then work to pare away the extraneous in service of the story line, in this case, poetry as alchemy.

DNV-GL Forum

Winds of Change: Interview with Roger Garratt

This interview with the Resource Acquisition Director of Puget Sound Energy illuminates the inroads wind is making in supplying Northwest energy needs.